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Performance, cubic capacity and hp are usually the magic words, when men talk about cars.

Nothing works without horsepower, you won't get anywhere without performance, cubic capacity above

all else.

But what remains when the car is standing still?

In the same breath the question arises, as to why some vehicles are being abandoned, while others seem to remain timelessly beautiful.

A throwback to the Alpine A110 and why I wouldn't change anything about her.


Jürgen Clauss, founder of alpineLAB



An enduringly beautiful design, which sets itself apart from the mass of the common, fuels your desire and will never let you go.

A concept, in which all the elements are organized so perfectly, leading to the magical mix of a fiery romance.

Within a split second she speaks to you, infatuates and leaves you burning with desire.

Yes, burning! Burning in order to be happy with a french diva, who calls attention to herself due to her eccentric airs and graces.


Did I tell you that this is a love story?


The history reports and stories on my website will show you, how arduous and relentless love stories can be and how genuine my devotion to the Alpine A110 is.


One of the very first things we learn as a child is to share.


On one hand, many enthusiasts and collectors of classic automobiles maintain a low profile and keep silent on the treasures,

they have hidden in their garage. On the other hand, there are others who restore, repair, collect, drive and share their automobiles with the whole world.

I count myself as belonging to the latter group and will take you along on my Alpine roller coaster journey throughout the past years.


Enjoy the journey!


           Jürgen Clauss



On my own account:


WHO is alpine LAB

 A story can be recounted from different point of views.

The embodied reports, narratives and anecdotes on this page are presented in the first form singular, because they represent my own personal perspective of the proceedings. Not without reason, because behind alpineLAB is not a team or even an employee, as is often erroneously assumed. No, alpineLAB is also not a restoration workshop for customers.

Alpine LAB tells the story of a man, his passion and love for the A110 and the insanity of the revival of some supposedly extinct specimens.

WHY alpineLAB

Entering my garage one day to inspect my vehicles, I had the idea of using them, as instruments to restore and improve the Alpine A110`s image in the world of classic automobiles. The quality of workmanship and reliability were not the flagship of this particular brand and her reputation in the world of classic automobiles was rather questionable. In the past the Alpine A110 remained on the fringe of the classic car scene and applicable media - wrongly so, in my opinion.


On this website the emphasis is not on technical details such as displacement, horsepower and performance.

On the contrary, her beauty, her charm, her merits and distinctiveness will be accentuated and will contribute to ensuring that the Alpine Brand, especially the A110, will glow in the light it deserves in the world of classic automobiles.


A special thank you goes to all those, who supported and trusted in me throughout the past years.

Although, they are too numerous to mention by name, they have all played a significant role in facilitating this website.


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Jürgen Clauss
Limesweg 8
73553 Alfdorf-Brech

Phone   +49 (0) 7172 32555
Fax       +49 (0) 7172 32565
Mobile  +49 (0) 1704804549


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