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Sepp Fuchs

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

A life for Alpine

Sepp Fuchs' love of Alpine A110 is deeply rooted in his youth, which he spent in Switzerland, more precisely in Unteriberg SZ. His interest in cars was sparked at an early age, inspired by the vibrant car culture in his village. The 8 and 12 Gordinis in particular made the hearts of local car fanatics beat faster.

Sepp's enthusiasm for motorsport often led him to car slalom events, which were a central part of his youth. There he met the legendary Alpine A110 1600S vehicles for the first time, which immediately fascinated him. Her unique form, impressive agility and talent for winning regularly left a lasting impression on young Sepp. The thought of owning such a car would not let him go and became his goal in life.In 1989 his dream finally came true: Sepp bought his first Alpine A110 1600S (VB), a vehicle that he still owns and cares for to this day.

Over time, Sepp has become an integral part of the German-speaking Alpine community, sharing his passion and knowledge with other enthusiasts. In 2020, Sepp was able to add a special piece to his collection, an original factory Alpine A110 1600S VC "Usine".

This vehicle is one of his absolute favorites and represents his deep appreciation and love for the Alpine brand and the A110 in particular.

In this post we would like to communicate more about this outstanding vehicle and tell Sepp's story. One thing is already clear, Sepp's commitment to Alpine is far more than just a passion for cars. It's a lifelong passion and dedication to the A110, shaped by dreams from his youth that came true and the joy of sharing that excitement with others.

Sepp's love for the Alpine was not only passed on to his sons, but runs through his entire family. Particularly worth mentioning is his wife Andrea, who is an important pillar in his Alpine activities. Andrea is always at his side, be it organizing events, maintaining the vehicles or simply listening patiently when Sepp reports on his latest discoveries and plans.

In addition to being a supportive wife, Andrea is also an equally ardent Alpine enthusiast. Their unwavering support is a key factor that has enabled Sepp to pursue his passion and build and maintain his extensive Alpine collection.

The story of Sepp Fuchs is a clear example of how a shared passion can bring a family closer together. A love of the Alpine brand is a common denominator that unites Sepp, Andrea, Thomas and Daniel and is an important element of their family life.


Monte Carlo 1970 - Jean Vinatier

It is an exceptional privilege to have a vehicle featured on Jürgen Clauss' renowned alpineLAB site - especially when it is a 1970 Alpine A110 works rally car. This honor requires patience, perseverance and an unparalleled commitment to alpine car culture. In this blog post we would like to tell the story of our project, which has lasted over a decade.

Our journey began with the question: How do you even get possession of such a jewel?

In our case, the answer was simple:Years of searching, perseverance and striving to become a worthy owner of this precious vehicle. The original Swiss owner traded two 1600S Berlinettes in poor condition for this car, which he passed on to us 23 years later.

The previous years have been characterized by thorough historical research, restoration and loving care of the car, without ever separating it from the chassis. Our goal was to create a "certified past" in the form of a booklet based on the records of G. Harivel, the chief mechanic of the racing department. This booklet, which documents the unique history and special features of the car, is an absolute must for every USINE Alpine owner!

To create this booklet, we commissioned G. Vallerian, custodian of factory documents and police commissioner at the French Ministry of the Interior. With his help, we were able to trace the following notable milestones of our car:

  • Start at the Monte Carlo Rally 1970 with starting number 3, driven by VINATIER - JACOB.

  • Participation in the Sweden Rally 1970 with starting number 6, driven by VINATIER - CALLEWEART.

  • Used as a mulet for NICOLAS in 1970-71.

  • Sold to a privateer in 1971.

Sweden Rally 1970 - Vinatier-Callewart

Monte Carlo 1970 - Vinatier, Jacob

This investigation was not always easy as the 1970s European Rally Championship often resulted in logistical chaos, particularly when it came to identifying defective and new competition cars. Fortunately, our car could be identified by the body number, which is "matching" on our Alpine.

In order to avoid counterfeiting, we have decided not to publish certain numbers and dates from the booklet.

Monte Carlo 1970

But what else is there worth knowing about our 1600 A110 works rally car from 1970?Each Alpine is built specifically for specific competitions. According to G. Harivel, our Alpine is a "tarmac and good trail version with a winter package". This means that it has specific features that make it different from other models:

  • A lightweight body with Plexiglas and only light underride protection, resulting in an unladen weight of just 685 kg.

  • Regular spring height with Allinquant or Bilstein shocks and quick release hooks front and rear.

  • Snow deflectors in front of the wipers, two additional headlight cleaning nozzles, a specially installed electric pump and de-icing fluid.

  • Equipment for the Sweden rally with WEBASTO auxiliary heating!

  • Gotti Bi-Metal rims 5.5 & 6.0, Michelin TA3 & winter tyres, reinforced engine and steering knuckles, middle tank with 79l - good for traction in snow due to weight distribution of 30% front and 70% rear.

  • A maximum speed of around 185 km/h.

  • A 1596cc 155-162 HP engine prepared by Mignotet.

Jean Vinatier - Monte Carlo 1970

But it's not just the technical data that makes this car special. It's the stories associated with it:

  • It was the first homologated 1600 Alpine model for the newly created Group 4 in January 1970.

  • He was the favorite for the Monte Carlo Rally with Vinatier as driver. A Peugeot Break from radio station EUROPE 1 accompanied him from Lisbon to Monaco and reported live about the car and its crew.

  • During weeks of testing the Monte 71` in the Maritime Alps, J.P. Nicolas came up with the idea of inviting the guests of a village restaurant for nightly jaunts. None of these lucky ones have ever complained about the "devil noise" at night...

Conclusion: It is almost priceless to have a part of this incredible Alpine rally history in your own garage. It's an honor we're proud to share and pass on, hoping to continue to inspire enthusiasm for these iconic vehicles for generations to come.

Alpine A110 1600S VC "Usine" - Today

Each image expresses the uniqueness and charm of this extraordinary vehicle.


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