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Wolfgang Jakobs

Driving fun and passion

As a rally fan, I have always been fascinated by the Alpine A110.

In 1981 I saw the Alpine A110 in competition for the first time at the Monte Carlo Rally. The desire to own such a vehicle was there. At the beginning of 1985 I bought my A110 from a Renault dealer in Aachen. In terms of sport, I used the vehicle between 2005 and 2010, particularly at the Saarland Rally (FIA European Championship) and the Eifel Rally (Slowly Sideways). After a lot of research, I was able to find out the complete history of the car at the beginning of 2011 with the help of the French Alpine factory car expert Gilles Valerian. The decision to restore my ex DRM semi-works racing car true to the original was made immediately.




Alpine A110 BIS size. IV “Compétition client”

Chassis number A110 20415

© Mc Klein

The French expert “Gilles Vallerian” discovered the following as part of his research carried out at the beginning of 2011: The Alpine A110 20415 BIS, model 1800 VB, was ordered by Renault Germany in 1974 for the German racing driver Heinz Gilges.

The official Alpine company archive contains the following data regarding chassis number 20415:

  • 1800 VB Group 4

  • Body number 10408

  • Color code “Gardénia blanc”

  • Carburettor engine MS 92

  • Front spoiler and rear wing size. 4

  • Standard rims of the A310/A110 6 ½ inch

  • Gearbox with limited slip differential (bevel ring gear 9x34)

  • two electric fuel pumps

  • Quick jack

  • Delivery without card reader

  • without reversing light and without passenger belts

  • Delivery of the vehicle in Brühl in mid-February 75

All owners, race participations of the vehicle, conversions and paintwork as well as sales advertisements in magazines are compiled below:

Information about this A110 can also be found in the racing service archive, in the engine chapter. Regarding the Mignotet CC 1796 engine, it is called "MS 92 Compétition Client, installed in the A110 BIS via assembly line, RFA" (RFA= Federal Republic of Germany - Old Federal States).The car was designed for racetracks, with fender flares, spoiler, rear spoiler, 6½-inch rim size as for production vehicles, probably because the Germans trusted their BBS rims rather than the rims from the French company Gotti and had planned for a conversion.

In 1975, Renault Germany, whose headquarters are in Brühl, near Cologne, planned to semi-officially support two drivers, one in hillclimb racing and the other on the circuit. Heinz Gilges provided support on the circuit. He drove the car exclusively on the race track: Zolder, Nürburgring, Hockheim etc.

The vehicle was used by Heinz Gilges in several races at the German Racing Championship “DRM”. Heinz Gilges achieved his best result with a class win at the ADAC circuit race in Saarlouis in May 1975.

The vehicle changed hands many times between 1976 and 1985.

In March 1985, the car Wolfgang Jakobs bought was red and had “ailes plates” – fender flares.

The car was painted “red” by Rolf Scheilz.

The car was painted dark blue by Wolfgang Jakobs in 1986. Between 2005 and 2010, the vehicle was used in numerous rallies and in show races in the preliminary program of DTM races under the motto “World of Race Cars”.

© STO motorsport photos, © SFM Sascha Dörrenbächer, © Rallyetukker Wim Schodmann, © MApics Martin Adko

In 2007 the car was repainted in the color “blue metallic”. As part of the restoration to its original condition from 1975, the car was given back its original color of “pure white”.

© STO Motorsportfotos



  1. Installation of new rear side wall

  2. Door with 7 layers of lacquer

  3. Adjustment of rear widening


Alpine A110 1800VB “BIS”

DRM Nürburgring

Photo © STO Motorsportfotos

Alpine A110 1800VB “BIS” Gr IV Chassis 20415

The last significant development stage of the Alpine A110, intended exclusively for motorsport, was the 1800 VB Group 4. This version has the then new 4-hole rear axle of the A310, a 1796 model cm³ drilled engine (Mignotet), riveted fender flares, a wide rear spoiler and a voluminous front spoiler. The Alpine 1800 VB, introduced in 1974, was later simply referred to as “BIS” in reference to the independent rear suspension. Equipped with either Weber carburettors or Lucas petrol injection, the Alpine offered an output of 165 to 175 DIN HP.

According to the literature, only 13 A110 “BIS” 1800 VBs were built. These were 4 cars used by the factory and 9 so-called “Compétition client” – customer vehicles.

The A110 20415 presented here can be assigned to the small group of “Compétition client” customer vehicles.

Certificate Renault Classic

Vehicle details

The Mignotet engine has disappeared, but the vehicle still has most of its factory parts: light body, gearbox 365 "Monte-Carlo" with Hewland sliding block lock, large radiator (oil/water), 80 liter fuel tank positioned in the middle of the vehicle, spread out rear frame for attaching the quick jack, reinforced frame at the front and rear, adjustable triangular wishbones at the rear, oil filter positioned on the side, etc...



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